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Creation Science Movement

CSM – Registered Charity no: 801745

Subscriptions, Membership and Donations

For CSM Subscriptions or to make a Donation please visit the Genesis Expo website at www.genesisexpo.org.uk

You can also make a Donation to CSM through the Genesis Expo website by clicking HERE

CSM Membership Subscription entitles you to 4 issues each year of –

  • The CSM Journal – this gives up-to-date commentaries on creation issues, notices of creation meetings around the country and reviews of articles in technical journals where they have a connection with creation and Christian topics.
  • Regular pamphlets, each focused on specific creation subjects.

Subscription Fees –Subscriptions, Membership, Donations

  • UK Subscriptions (Printed Postal) – £10 per annul.
  • All Overseas Subscriptions (Printed Postal) – £13 Sterling.
  • PDF Email Subscriptions (PDF / Email) – £10 per annul.
  • Membership is open to all faiths.

CSM has charitable status (Charity no: 801745)