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Creation Science Movement

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Creation Bites

Snippets of information from our Pamphlets, Journals, Books and other sources, of which demonstrate that the biblical account of special Creation is supported by true Science. That the Scriptures, and in particular those that bear on Creation, are reliable.

An Evolution Quiz

Source: Pamphlet No. 332 August 2001 – by Dr David Sack Quite often when evolutionists and creationists talk there is a plasticity involved and ad hoc explanations abound. For example a young universe creationist, when asked to explain distant starlight, might proffer as an…
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After its Kind

Source: Pamphlet No. 297 January 1994 – by Joachim Scheven PhD The biblical view of origins is of a perfect creation made in only six days just a few thousand years ago by an all-powerful and all-wise God. This world was destroyed…
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Origin of Man

Source: Pamphlet No. 306 May 1995 – by Dr David Rosevear The Greek philosopher Aristotle taught that man had come from a fish ancestry. This teaching took on scientific respectability in the 19th century when Chas. Darwin published his Origin of Species and Descent…
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Piltdown Man

Source: Pamphlet No. 314 September 1997 – by Esme Geering | Genesis Expo The Greatest Scientific Fraud The town of Uckfield straddles the road from London to Eastbourne at about the three-quarter point when travelling south. Yet a mile or so off this…
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Miocene Man

Source: Pamphlet No. 234 May 1995 – by Dr Bill Cooper | Genesis Expo Human remains from the Lower Miocene It is everywhere taught, and held to be a scientific fact, that man evolved from apes during the last million yeas or so. Various…
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